Meet Our Friendly Eagan, MN and Apple Valley, MN Dental Office Staff

One word describes our staff - experience. Over half of our dental team has practiced in our dental office for over 15 years.   Long term employees and experienced staff provide our patients with the comfort of recognizable faces and the confidence that is essential for a great dental visit. Our staff enthusiastically looks forward to helping you on your next visit.

Molly , Dental Hygienist - Eagan
Melissa, Dental Hygienist - Eagan
Julie, Dental Hygienist- Eagan
Sue , Dental Hygienist - Eagan
Karen, Dental Hygienist - Apple Valley & Eagan
Kara, Dental Hygienist - Burnsville
Gwen , Dental Hygienist - Burnsville
Navy, Licensed Dental Assistant- Eagan
Tessa , Licensed Dental Assistant- Apple Valley & Eagan
Jamie , Licensed Dental Assistant - Burnsville
Gabie , Doctor Coordinator - Eagan
Paula , Hygiene Coordinator - Eagan
Teresa , Hygiene Coordinator Apple Valley & Eagan
Susan , Office Coordinator - Apple Valley
Corrine , Office Coordinator - Burnsville
Kelly , Office Coordinator- Eagan
Amy N, Dental Hygienist -Eagan & Burnsville
Amy G, Dental Hygienist - Apple Valley & Eagan
Pilar , Dental Hygienist- Eagan
Lisa , Dental Hygienist - Burnsville
Gini, Dental Hygienist - Apple Valley
Kelly M , Dental Assistant
Katherine , Dental Assistant